To whom it may concern, I am 8 months pregnant and was having 'one of those days' multiplied by seventy-five or so. It was actually humorous how much, and how badly, things had gone wrong all morning. After running to the bank, my two-year-old pointed to Moe's and said, 'Eat taco!' So we headed over to Moe's, me at the end of my rope with several errands left to run. As the cashier was checking me out, she told me that our meal had been taken care of by 'The Good Deed Team.' I can't tell you how much that lifted me and turned my day around. My daughter and I shared a delightful lunch and had energy to finish everything else. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~A. Smith


Good Deeds:


The Good Deeds Team is dedicated to sharing hope and inspiration to others through Good Deeds. Through Good Deeds both big and small, we are out to brighten even the darkest of days.
Our hope is that through witnessing a Good Deed, that it will leave a lasting impression and in turn encourage you to make your mark. By offering kindness to others you can leave your own lasting mark on someone’s life.


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